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Our Mission & Vision

To advocate for students, administrators, faculty, and the wider community in the best interest of the student body, the IMBA program, and NCCU as a whole. Providing student services that aim to promote quality student life, foster both professional and personal growth and development, and enhance the formal education process. 

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Initiate new ideas and dare to change the future. Seeking those initiation challenges and being prepared to prove our capabilities to the world.

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Embody the power of both global and local students, community leaders, and resources to build a stronger and better NCCU IMBA future.

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Connect all parties together to strengthen the bond between IMBA, alumni, EMBA, and increase exposure of the NCCU IMBA program worldwide.





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We are always open to collaborate on creating new professional workshops for our fellow students. It could be in format of lecture, master class or even case study.


IMBA students strive to find new opportunities for professional growth. If you have a position or program at your company, we will be eager to collaborate on this.


Apart from studies, one of the ambitions for students is to bring positive difference to society. If you have volunteer opportunity or project, please contact us.


Student Council is aimed to make students life brighter, that is why sponsorship (barter, financial or purchasing our souvenirs) could be very helpful for our role.


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