Buddy Program

Explore how to cooperate with others

The IMBA program brings in all types of students from all over the world seeking an education. The student body wants to be sure everybody in IMBA feel comfortable and included as a colleague, classmate, and representative of the program and larger NCCU. We insure that everyone can work together to adapt to life at NCCU in a comfortable way.

That is why Buddy Program was created to make adaptation of a new batch faster for the student life in IMBA NCCU. It involves assigning groups of new students to the seniors and participation in welcoming events: challenging Elephant mountain, exploration the Grand Museum and many more.

Being able to discover, learn, and absorb from classmates and colleagues hailing from other cultures and traditions is an educational experience not always found in the classroom.


The educational experience must be equal and beneficial no matter the nationality, sex, race, religion, orientation, political affiliation, and life experience. The Buddy Programm is dedicated to making sure all are acknowledged, respected, and included in the IMBA program and NCCU as a whole.

“Here you can learn how to be true to yourself and to foster inclusive, mindful, and encouraging environment”

— Phillip McDaniels —


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