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The NCCU IMBA Dragon Boat Club is a club dedicated to participation and engagement with the annual Dragon Boat Festival. This club serves as a team of participants in the competition as well as volunteers for fundraising activities and community involvement.


The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday festival celebrated in China and Taiwan. The annual Dragon Boat race is the staple feature of the festival and teams from all over train to participate in the tournament. The intense competition requires a dedicated team to fulfill the challenge, and the IMBA Dragon Boat Team brings just that.

The Dragon Boat Team is an official dedicated team to competing in the Dragon Boat race, fielding a 20-person team with reserves. The team regularly holds physical trainings focusing on strength and technique to prepare for the demanding race. The club also holds fundraisers and community events to raise awareness about the team's dedication.


The importance vitality of teamwork within the IMBA program is exemplified through the Dragon Boat Team. Dragon Boat is the journey to team building, commitment, perseverance, challenging oneself, and accountability to teammates that is the real winning and success the Dragon Boat team embodies.

“Dragon Boat is all about teamwork. You will discover new oneself, have fun with partners, and create an unforgettable memory!”

— Jim Lai —

Dragon Boat Club Captain 


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