Events Organisaton

Explore why to participate

One of the main duties of the Student Council team is to encorage cooperation of the IMBA family through the events organisation.

The joint effort of the student council team at NCCU IMBA is focused ob making a good lasting impression on students of the program as well as alumni, future students, and others in the Taipei community. Gathering the student bodies together allowes familiarity with one another both personally and professionally. 

There are several annual events such as Networking Event with NTU GMBA family, Welcome event, BBQ event, Christmas Event and many others. However, important to note that the Student Council teams are not limited in their creativity and desire to support IMBA family. That is why apart from the traditional events we can offer on-line dialogues with professionals in their sphere on different up-to-date topics. 

“It is a great chance to gather together with NCCU IMBA family”

— Anastasiia Bobrova—

Alumni, batch 2018