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Norshanberg Management Consultancy is established by 3 well-experienced working professionals who are also NCCU IMBA graduates. We help students to plan their career here in Taiwan, from resume review, personal branding, job matching, to interview tips and simulation.

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We help international talents develop their career and life in Taiwan by matching the best jobs



We help companies in Taiwan expand their global presence by finding them the best international talents

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Norshanberg Management Consultancy is established by three well-experienced working professionals who are also NCCU IMBA graduates. While earning our master’s degree at NCCU, we noticed that many of our fellow students struggled in finding a relevant job in Taiwan. At the same time, we saw that many companies in Taiwan struggled in finding talented and trustworthy individuals to help them expand business in different part of the world.


Eager to help out our fellow students and knowing that Taiwan can be the best place to work in Asia, Norshanberg is dedicated in transforming Taiwan into the #1 country to work in Asia for international talents.

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