Oath Club

Explore how to contribute to others

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The Oath Club is an organization dedicated to promote and implement different activities about social responsibility and ethics.


Our main goal is to raise awareness about social and environmental issues in Taiwan through cultural, learning and sports activities.



By being an active helper, getting involved with the planning and organization of every activity.By participating on our scheduled activities. Bringing friends and family to get related with our causes.

Three types of events:

  • Fundraising events through sales: bake goods, goodies like the scarf, hoodies, cutlery set. 

  • Awareness events: Breast Cancer Month, Chinese New Year with Genesis Social Welfare. 

  • Engaging events: School Club Fair, Wanxing School Cultural Exchange, Green Entrepreneurship Talk.

“Here you will have a chance to explore new opportunities for self-development and bring something good for the society around you”

— Marilyn Blanco Coto —
Oath Club President


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