The 2019 NCCU IMBA Student Council

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

8 student council members
3 leaders of the clubs
8 countries together

The 2019 NCCU IMBA Student Council started their academic year on 1st July, 2019. This year's members are comprised of a diversity of cultures: Thacha Tapaneeyakorn from Thailand as President; Georgina Sapien from Mexico as Vice-president; Charles Chen from Taiwan as VP of Internal Affairs; Alex P. Chen from Taiwan as VP of Corporate Affairs; Anastasiia Bobrova from Russia as VP of Finance and Budget; Ashton Ebenhoeh from the USA as VP of International Affairs; Sebastien Seguel from France as VP of Events and Recreation; and Chatwadee Manakitpaisan from Thailand as VP of Public Relations.

Student Council members are selected according to their specialties. Taiwanese members, Charles and Alex will be responsible for local-related business in terms of networking and expansion, fighting more career opportunities for IMBA students to connect with the companies. Ashton, and Sebastien actively participation in all many events, promotions, and organizing new activities. The intelligent finance expert, Anastasiia, will both manage the cash flows and make financial decisions for the benefit of Student Council and all IMBA students.

The Student Council Mission: To advocate to administrators, faculty, students and the wider community for the best interest of the student body. We do this by providing student services that aim to promote quality student life, foster personal growth and development, and enhance the formal education process. Student Council members are willing to bring more practical events for the students and emphasize networking engagement and career development.

Student Council and NCCU club members have plenty of new inputs starting in the beginning of September – Welcome Party BBQ, Buddy Program, Oath Club Fundraising, Dragon Boat Team Organization, NCCU/NTU Networking Night, Christmas Party, and various events involving leadership, networking, workshops, conferences, and more.

Student Council welcomes THREE new clubs: 

The Oath Club is managed by Marilyn Blanco Coto from Costa Rica.

The club aims to offer guidance and counselling for both foreign and local students to start a professional life in Taiwan and strengthen their career prospective. The club will invite speakers from start-ups, entrepreneurial, and expat professional communities to discuss various topics. 

The Inclusion and Diversity Club is managed by Phillip McDaniels from the USA. The club aims to create an inclusive environment for all students from different backgrounds. There are no limits to the cultural aspect of the club, and also has broadened to gender, sexual orientation, religion and diverse area connections to business and organization. 

The Dragon Boat Club is organized by Jim Lai, the Taiwanese life of the party who brings good vibes to the family. He is responsible for continuing one of the IMBA traditions: the IMBAders Dragon Boat team, working as a bridge between the coach and gathering the IMBA warriors to participate during the Dragon Boat Festival.

The NCCU IMBA Student Council serves as representatives of all of the IMBA student body, past and present. We welcome the 2019 incoming first years, we proudly represent the 2018 second years, and we carry on the tradition and values of all the years' before us. Whether it's academics, events, volunteering, networking, community engagement, resources and information, the new Student Council is here for YOU. Please reach out for any further assistance.