Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

As we come to a close on 2019, we want to take a moment and reflect on the year we all at NCCU IMBA have strived through together. This year's endeavors brought on successes, challenges, achievements, adventures, connections, and growth in various different ways. The IMBA program aims to develop professional students who are prepared to take on these endeavors to the highest level of capability, and that was certainly on display in 2019.

The holidays are all about appreciation, and it is time to appreciate all that was had in 2019. From our graduating class of 2019, our developing class of 2020, to our new and past batches of leaders - on behalf of Student Council we congratulate all of you and appreciate you sharing your life's journey with IMBA this year. Here's to wishing you all a joyous and merry Christmas; a safe and wonderful New Year; and a pleasant and welcoming Chinese New Year. Cheers to 2020!

With Warmest Regards,

Student Council NCCU IMBA