The National Palace Museum Visit

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

7+ students visited
16+ exhibits seen
5+ hours spent

The Student Council Buddy Program took in ancient Chinese history at the National Palace Museum on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The IMBA students got to enjoy the wonderment of the National Palace Museum and it's marvelous display of artifacts and culture. It was a great outing to spend with classmates getting to know one another better, and to find out more about Chinese history. Afterall, museums are a great way to introduce students to a culture they are less familiar with and they provide educational benefits not found on a university campus.

The National Palace Museum is one of Taipei's most popular destinations, and so one of the buddy program's highlights. The trip to the popular Shilin district to scale the museum is a must for all who visit Taipei. The museum shares its roots with the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City and boasts a collection of nearly 700,000 imperial pieces spanning 8,000 years of history.

Student Council organized the visit to the museum in advance. Many students met as a group at the campus front gate and headed to the palace together, although all students wanting to partake were encouraged to meet at the palace at the proposed time. With student ID they were granted free entrance and access to the museum. As a plus, the museum had accommodations like bag storage and a café for those needing food and drink.

The museum was as fascinating as advertised. The palace has various levels of rooms with artifacts on display. The museum possesses bronzes, ceramics, jades, lacquerwares, enamel wares, carvings, studio implements, coins, textiles, paintings, calligraphic works, tapestries and embroideries, fans, rare books, Qing archival documents, and Manchu, Mongolian, and Tibetan documents. So, plenty to see. It also helps that the descriptions were in both Chinese and English.