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3 accreditations of a program (AACSB, EQUIS and PIM)
50+ people applied the branded frame
7 days for preparation

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The idea behind the campaign is to promote the university and the MBA course as a dynamic and exciting place to study. It is to show that students feel proud to be studying on this course, and this pride should be felt by people outside the course that can see the campaign.

Accreditation from a reputable organization is one good way to check the quality of a business school. Accreditation organizations evaluate the quality standards of a business school's teaching, faculty, services, and students, among other things.

"The NCCU IMBA program is a journey of vast knowledge, meaningful connections, and experiences of discovery. Asia's premier fully credited International MBA features the future global leaders in business, and we want you to join us. "

NCCU, International MBA is the only business school in Taiwan where has been accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and PIM, one of the most-coveted and well-known international accreditations for MBA programs.

The MBA course has a very international student body, so the campaign is aimed to be easily understandable. This is the reason why social media is used as the medium to get the campaign message across, as it is a very universal way of communication today. By having each student upload their profile picture as part of the campaign, they would immediately feel part of a strong collective, as well as having their individuality represented in a way that they would feel proud of.

The initiator and leader of a campaign: Chatwadee Manakitpaisan, VP of Public Relations