NCCU & NTU Networking Night

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

120+ guests attended
48+ days for preparation
89+ flowers decorated

Networking night was huge success! More than 100 talented students of NCCU's IMBA and NTU's GMBA programs spent an evening in Maji Square sharing commonalities, stories, ambitions, and experiences. All of which had led them to the event of the semester.

The joint effort of the student council teams at NCCU and NTU allowed Networking Night to leave a lasting impression on students of the program as well as alumni, future students, and others in the Taipei community. Gathering the student bodies together allowed the two familiarity with one another both personally and professionally.

There were efforts put into fostering engagement by the event organizers. Students were given a "buddy" at the check-in desk from the other school. They were tasked with meeting this person and conversing. There were also activities such as Two Truths and a Lie, and a competition to get the most new LinkedIn followers. All were focused on the purpose of the night which was reaching out to students of a similar path and passion.

Here is some feedback from some of the attendees:

"Great venue selction. Plenty of space, well lit, [provided] opportunity to talk." - Richard Maloof, GMBA 2019 Batch
"There were genuine efforts to engage with the other school's students. The Two truths and a Lie activity was interesting. It helped the people at the tables get to know each other." - Francisco Lopez, NCCU 2019 Batch
"[The Event] was fun and near perfectly organized. I'm glad I went." - Delanie Broadster, NCCU 2019 Batch

The feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive. This positivity could be picked up almost immediately by those who made their way to Triangle for the complimentary free entry into the bar following the event. Many of those who felt the event could've gone better only did so due to wanting more quality engagement with their new connections. Still, all expressed optimism about a growing relationship with NTU x NCCU students. They may be in luck as the success of this event only furthers the possibility of more memorable nights like this one.