New NCCU IMBA Student Council Website!

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

120+ days of preparation
6+ people involved
70+ liters of coffee consumed

We present on behalf of the NCCU IMBA community from the Student Council 2019 for the beginning of the new semester the creation and launch of the new NCCU IMBA Student Council Website!

The creation of the website follows the Student Council missions of engagement and collaboration among NCCU IMBA students, alumni, office, and partners. The website serves as a useful tool for all parties to stay updated on the latest news and student life, as well offers functions such as online business cards. Most importantly, it summarizes all NCCU IMBA Student Council events, projects, and clubs, which are available for IMBA and the NCCU community.

We believe that this website will also help future Student Council teams define their role more clearly and help pursuits to foster future development of the NCCU IMBA family. One of the main purposes for Student Council is to make this project sustainable and be able to transfer on to future generations of Student Council.

The creation of the website came a long way from the idea in September until the final realization in January. Like many comprehensive projects, it involved several challenges that were successfully tackled step by step. Eventually, the website has become a great experience of teamwork and collaboration between students.

The team for the website creation included six people:

Anastasiia Bobrova was the initiator and project manager of the website. This included connecting the team members, preparation of the tasks for the website, setting goals and timeline, as well as designing and fulfilling the pages.
Thacha Tapaneeyakorn as the President of the Student Council. He helped to believe in the realization of the project and brought it to the attention of the Student Council team for focus.
Georgina Sapien as the main critical and advisory help for the website creation. As the VP of the Student Council, she contributed tremendously in terms of the team formation, timing, structure, promotion and critical (but undoubtedly useful) vision.
Jalenico Lucero was a hidden talent in IMBA NCCU community in terms of technical knowledge about the website construction. He helped substantially by advising on website platform, preparing the structure of website, and helping with several technical issues.
Phillip McDaniels was the main content creator and writer of the website. He did a significant job in preparation of the website texts for their respective sections. Without his help the website will not be able to be informative and "speak" with its audience.
Chatwadee Manakitpaisan as the PR VP of the Student Council helped to promote the new website, create content, test and analyse pages.

The Student Council is thankful to the IMBA NCCU office, who also believed in the idea and gave useful advice and permission for its' realization. We hope that this website will become a useful tool for the office in terms of engaging students and reaching them with important information.

We are also thankful to everyone who was eager to help us with the website creation and shared with us their experience on similar projects.