Online Dialogue with Congressman 許毓仁 Jason Hsu

20+ days of preparation
34 people joined
10+ questions asked

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to chat with Congressman 許毓仁 Jason Hsu who is member of Taiwan’s 9th Legislature. Among his interest congressman key achievements are same-sex marriage law and FinTech draft law, other topics he cares about are entrepreneur industry development, act for the recruitment and employment of foreign professionals, driverless car law and sport industry development.

The talk was hosted remotely via Webex featuring Student Council members Charles Chen (VP of Internal Affairs) and Gina Sapien (Executive Vice-President). The themes addressed on the talk were World Economic Trend before and after COVID-19 and Taiwan Entrepreneur and Foreign Talents.

The first topic covered issues related to a healthy future answering questions such as the key trends in health for 2020, great strides in global health mask huge inequalities in the burden of disease and what is the World Economic Forum doing about epidemics. We also talked about the society and future of work discussing about rising automation and how seriously should we take it, new skills will see us through an uncertain future workplace can become more flexible and inclusive. In addition, we covered climate change by commenting on the current sustainability applied to every area of human activity and the importance of start-up collaboration to reduce pollution.

On the other hand, the second topic got even deeper into Taiwanese landscape for foreign professionals. We discussed about the limited resources for start-ups, huge pressure and bottlenecks when finding fundraising resources. Moreover, we tried to answer questions about employment issues in Taiwan such as how can we draw more foreign talents to work here.

In between the dialogue, many IMBA students posed questions to Mr. Hsu in the pursuit of advice for further business plans in the island. We appreciate the time of Mr. Hsu and his willingness to share his expertise and knowledge with us even beyond this session, no doubt we will take these learnings with us and we are looking forward collaborating with him very soon.

Thanks again for your participation and see you in the next IMBA Dialogue Series.