Unique Business Cards for Students!

IMBA Business Cards are available for order. Students now have the opportunity to have unique business cards that include the IMBA logo, graduation year, contact information, and more.

Do you want to stand out? Do you want to leave a good impression at meetings and social events? Always have a business card on hand to leave the best impression on potential employers, business partners, and clients.

Networking is an art. The balance of being personable and professional must be carefully and delicately established in social settings. Effective networking involves: a good first impression, quality conversations, promoting strengths in yourself and finding them in others, and most importantly follow up. Tangible follow up can be key to standing out, especially for students.

The classroom is where students build their knowledge and expertise. Outside of the classroom is where that expertise is relayed to others through networking. Masters students are involved in a lot of activities on and off campus. Everything from full-time jobs, company visits, networking events, volunteer programs, and campus involvement are all building blocks for a wholistic educational experience and great networking opportunities to promote an individual brand. Quality business cards help promote student's brand with a personal touch that isn't always available through LinkedIn, e-mail, or text.

Keep the buzz of your professional impressions going and cement your brand in the memory of those you encounter with quality business cards.

Preorder Your Own Business Cards