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Our Team in 2020-2021




From Taiwan, 2019 batch

Francisco J.


From Honduras, 2019 batch

Chatwadee Manakitpaisan

From Thailand, 2019 batch



From USA, 2019 batch


Mak Li

From Guatemala, 2019 batch



From Hungary, 2019 batch

Our Team in 2019-2020

Thacha Tapaneeyakorn

From Thailand, 2018 batch

Smart Thacha is talented in organizing and managing teams. He knows how to work with different people, to oversee challenges and to transfer tasks fairly. His efforts and passion helped student council team to put projects and ideas on a new better way. Impressing to know that Thacha fluently speaks in four languages.



From Russia, 2018 batch

Positive Anastasiia has degrees in Marketing, Management and International Business. She also used to work in tobacco, beer companies and space museum. She likes challenging tasks and working with diverse teams. Surprising, but though Anastasiia is from Russia, winter in Taiwan is still very cold for her.

Chatwadee Manakitpaisan

From Thailand, 2019 batch

Beautiful and energetic Namp was an account manager at BBDO, a worldwide advertising agency network, where she gained solid communication strategy planning and concrete background & business in managing mega brands. She has strong personality and believes that the best to overcome difficulties is never to give up.


From Taiwan, 2018 batch

Jim is one of the brightest persons, he always has a good humor, sharp mind and is able to positively surprise. Jim is everywhere, he is able to find the balance between studies and professional career. The sky is the limit is his moto and he always proves it. Surprising fact is that he was an actor before 8 years old.


From Mexico, 2018 batch

Georgina is like a star, she knows how to make everything shine. Hardworking and smart she is able to manage several projects at one time and find new creative solutions. She is truly great in presenting and can catch the audience attention in few seconds. Georgina is not afraid of challenges and accomplished Taipei Marathon 2019.


From USA, 2018 batch

Ashton will always meet you with shining smile and charming voice. Goal oriented and persistent he is always a great team member. He is interested in Marketing, HR, Talent Acquisition and Education. Impressing that he is always up-to-date with many international trends and can give good practical advice when needed.


From France, 2018 batch

Sebastien is the center of any team and is able to realize impressing projects, events and ideas from the scratch without any pressure or stress. He knows how to find approach to different type of people and always eager to help or give a good advice. Recently he even bravely started new business and is step by step developing it.

Blanco Coto

From Costa Rica, 2018 batch

Marilyn is like a spring. She always comes with new solutions and achievements. She has strong skills in planning, organizing, and creating new strategies ideas. She is passionate about CSR and is pro in Sales and Marketing and Business Administration. Interesting that she is in love with U2 and can cry easily with every movie.


From Taiwan, 2018 batch

Alex is one of supermen in student council and IMBA. He is able to manage everything on the high-quality way. His passions are Strategic Marketing, Finance and Planning. He perfectly balances between career, studies and family. His beautiful and intelligent wife Ida also became one of the student council best help.


From Taiwan, 2018 batch

Charles is another superman, without whom many projects and events could not be realized. Always polite, energetic and enthusiastic he is able to find solution to probably any challenges. Many people wonder whether he ever sleeps as he manages job, studies and sport perfectly on time and always excellent quality.


From Philippines, 2018 batch

Humble, but always open and positive Jalenico has a hidden talent of graphic design and management on-line projects. Without his help the student council probably would not have chance to create and launch own website. Jalenico is great listener, can understand ideas and perfectly realize them into practical solution.


From USA, 2019 batch

Phillip is very open minded and persistent person, he decided to pursue IMBA in order to gain experience abroad in continuance of his International Business degree. He loves to travel, to learn, and to stay active. Interesting, he is one of 7 siblings, and the only one who has left the Midwest. He has been to 17 countries and 41 U.S. states.

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